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The BodyGuard Frequency Generator

Toxins build up in our body over time. This build up compromises our immune system and leaves us open to disease.
It is also one of the reasons we feel run down and tired. Giving your body a break from its toxic burden can help you reach a new level of health and vitality.
It can also help improve your mental clarity, emotional stability, and increase stamina and strength. There is a new detox method that can help give your body a break from its toxic burden. The BodyGuard Footbath is a foot detoxification method very popular with those interested in cleansing toxins out of their body.

Two devices in one – an ionic body-detoxification system and a frequency generator. The ionic system helps pull toxins, chemicals, poisons, pesticides, heavy metals, and free radicals from the body as the frequency generator works to help eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites.

As an analog device, the BodyGuard Footbath maintains the symmetry of the human body’s natural rhythm, resulting in an effective and efficient cleanse.

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