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I Dreamed A Dream – Card Deck for Personal Growth

The numerical sequences in this card deck hold a charge an intention of the image you choose, and they activate specific ‘frequencies’ that enable you to achieve what you desire

How to use the frequency numbers

Repeat the number on the card 10 times while tapping your chest bone or your pain point. This installs the frequency into your body. To keep the number installed, do the following Write the number on paper and place the number facing onto your skin as you wear it on the left-hand side of your body. Do these steps for at least one week or more. NOTE: You do not have to use the Frequency Numbers. When you do, use 1 – 5 sets of Frequency numbers at a time notice and FEEL the MAGIC happen.


About Marian

Marian provides solutions to Physical, Emotional and, Mental Well-being by Empowering people to help heal themselves These cards are designed to help to make a difference in your world. Marian has had decades of experience in helping people to reach their full potential while guiding them toward a more purposeful direction, fulfilling and satisfying life.

Empowering Change

This healing card deck offers the opportunity to help you make some positive changes in your life. This is a Self-Healing tool for Personal Growth. These cards are not to be used to diagnose or treat any illness, or to be used instead of medical advice.

Contact Marian for Card Deck Course and learn how to use these cards to help maximise the benefits and outcomes in your daily life

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