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I founded Heart Art Magic in 2010 which helps Mind & Body express how you are feeling – a picture paints a thousand words.  I facilitate and help people to express how they are feeling so that they can release the tension and trauma from their bodies onto paper.  I help set the intention beforehand so that the subconscious knows what outcome is required.

When Painting from the subconscious – no thinking is required, your body knows best and it can facilitate the release as feelings are expressed during the painting process. T = tension which causes pain. What do you get when you put T at the end of PAIN = PAINT? Painting releases Tension to help bring ease to the body and peace to the mind. Healing happens easily, freely, and effortlessly.

I teach Heart Art Magic workshops, which I call:

“Empowering Change”

Learning Outcomes

Participants will understand how to:


The aim of this Healing Card Deck Course is to:


The aim of this Healing Card Deck Course is to:

Every time that I paint using my Heart Art I could feel the MAGIC happen and one day as I was painting the intuition for the acronym MAGIC = My Ability to Go Into my Centre came to me as if by magic.

It was then I knew that I would paint from my heart centre and this was where the magic happened. Heart Art Magic was born. I have been painting this way for many years now and as it was so profound, I was inspired to share my story and I wrote and published my book “Love to Change? Then Change to Love” back in 2012.

It was very liberating for me to write how this way of painting allowed me to feel free and express what I was really feeling. When I paint this way, the stress and anxiety are released into the painting which relieves me of these negative emotions. Just like the layers of an onion, peeling away layer upon layer.

What My Customers Say

Marian used her Frequency Installations from her Healing Card deck, Wisdom Insight & Foresight to help relieve the pain that I had been left with, after my head injury. Marians' treatment was a very quick, non-invasive and simple process, done over zoom.

It has been a few months now since that accident and that pain hasn’t returned. I am so pleased with this and would highly recommend Marian for her all the services that she provides in her clinical practice.

Since Marian worked on me using her healing frequencies my back is much more flexible, and I am feeling really good. I seem to have more mobility now when I move.

Thank you so much, Marian, it is amazing how simple your techniques are and how well they work.

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