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Heart Art Magic

Painting from the subconscious

“If your body is not healthy, where are you going to live?“

Heart Art Magic is painting from the subconscious- spontaneous painting which gradually releases the blockages that have built up in the emotional and mental body over time.

Marian concentrates on facilitating and helping people to get in touch with what they are really feeling so that they can express what that feeling is. Painting the FEELING allows the' release' to happen on paper. Heart Art Magic is not about the finished product, it is primarily about the PROCESS and the understanding of the process. It helps peel away the layers of what is holding you back. It is painting from the SUB-CONSCIOUS. Tension builds and causes PAIN. What do you get when you add a T for tension on to the word PAIN = PAINT. Painting with your hands and feeling the paint allows HEAD to HEART re-connection to release the tension and therefore releasing the pain. Expressing through art instead of having to 'talk' about it is so freeing/liberating. The head is responsible for your thinking and your heart is responsible for your feelings. When the head and the heart are out of balance or not 'connected' unease is present which can lead to dis-ease. However, when the head and the heart are 'on-line' the feeling of the connection allow flow and freedom in the body/mind. The MAGIC is = My Ability to Go Into my Centre - This is where the MAGIC happens.