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Case Studies

John, 2005:

The Problem: 

Unable to walk with ease was waiting for spinal surgery for 2 spinal lesions, 1 spinal compression, had Nerve Block Injections  for pain, taking 22 tablets per day for Pain relief, Antidepressants, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and taking Asthma inhaler 4 times a day.

Marian’s Approach: 

On Marian’s programme of change, he was walking with ease, became pain free, came off all medications over time with his doctors approval and advice, lost 4 stone, began running, and no longer needed surgery, as his back healed. John ran the Dublin City Marathon a year and a half while on Marian’s programme of empowering change.

David, 2006:

The Problem: 

Weight 22 stone 8 lbs aged 15. 

Marian’s Approach: 

On Marian’s advice changed from drinking soft drinks to water. Started eating healthy fresh food. Stopped eating processed food with preservatives and additives. His confidence and Self Esteem soared.

His concentration levels have increased greatly. He continues to take Juice plus every single day. He has lost 7 and a half stone. Lighter fitter and feeling better.

Jayne, 2021:

The Problem: 

Stopped her chemotherapy treatment as she felt it was not the way to go, and she looked for alternative methods of healing.

Marian’s Approach: 

Jayne did Marian’s Empowering Change Healing Card Deck Course and found her pain, which was coming from her armpit and across her chest, vanished after installing the frequency numbers on the cards that she chose during her card deck course.

Her oncologist called her back after a 6 month absence of treatment, did a pet scan, mammogram and ultrasound and told Jayne that she was cancer free. She got all clear.

Jayne also took Juice Plus Fruit, Vegetable, Berries and Omega capsules on Marian’s programme of Empowering Change

Monica, 2009:

The Problem: 

Came to see Marian with serious Vertigo which she found very frustrating as it was stopping her from doing everyday tasks.

Marian’s Approach: 

One session with Marian and she was able to look down, look up, turn her head left and right and she was astounded and very happy with the result that she felt.

Mark, 2006:

The Problem: 

Had left school at 15 just before his exams, as his depression was so intense. He attempted suicide twice before seeing Marian and starting her programme.

Marian’s Approach: 

After 3 weeks on Juice Plus Fruit & Veg and Complete Protein Shakes. He returned to school, happy and smiling, completed his exams and has continued on Juice Plus.

He is now married with 3 sons, who also take Juice Plus to help keep them happy and healthy like their dad is now.

Generally, Marian proposes Juice Plus Programme for prevention, as there are now 47 Scientific Studies proving that it boosts your immune system and reduces Free Radical damage by 75% within 28 days of being on the programme.

Marian Egan, 2000:

The Problem: 

January 2000 Unable to walk, sit or stand. I was unable to be a wife or a mother and my family were taking care of me because I could no longer care for myself. 

I had emergency surgery on my spine in June 2000 and afterward could now walk, sit and stand but I had no energy to do anything. I had lost all my lean muscle mass from being laid up in bed for months.

No life force, even though the mechanics of my back were fixed, and I could now bend down and pick up items from the floor, I was waiting to feel well and was still waiting in Sept 2002 when I listened to Dr. Marylyn Joyce who came from USA to talk about Juice Plus and the benefits of taking it.

I started taking it as I was now desperate to get my health back.

Juice Plus fuelled my body to repair, heal and recover. It was not a quick fix, it took many months but it worked and I took it daily with plenty of water.

Juice Plus worked for me, which is why I recommend it for my clients.

I have seen miracles happen in my practice, but I tell everyone that Juice Plus doesn’t cure anything, Juice Plus is the FUEL that your body needs for your body to heal itself.

If your body is not healthy, where are you going to live.

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