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Marian Egan, Kinesiology, Juice Plus+, www.marianegan.ie

Benefits From Marian Egan Consultations

Marian provides solutions to Physical, Emotional and, Mental Health. Empowering people by teaching techniques to help heal themselves and to help make a difference in their world.

After 30 years Experience in helping people to reach their potential, relieving pain, reducing/improving body weight, lifting depression and guiding people towards a more purposeful direction and satisfied life.

What you Get From a Treatment

Marian Egan Certificates. EMOTION CODE Badge from Discover Healing. www.marianegan.ie



What My Customers Say

In 10 months of following Health Coach, Joe has lost 128 pounds. If you are overweight, out of shape, and worried that it’s too late to get started.

Ladies, meet your new hero. Men, prepare to be humbled. My friend Staci, or Spezzy as she’s known around health Coach, has one of the best success stories.

Marian Egan, NCEF, ITEC, MKAI, MIBPSY, CECP; Complementary Health Advisor & Coach, Author, Artist, Creator and International Speaker

I provide solutions to Physical, Emotional and Mental pain. I empower people to heal themselves. Your body has an innate intelligence to heal itself, I help to RECONNECT the DISCONNECT that can happen through stress, anxiety and trauma. Dis-ease can then go back to ease, flow, and happiness.

I started my own health journey in 1985 and since then I qualified in many modalities including Fitness, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Brain Gym, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and I am an Emotion Code Practitioner.

I started my own weight loss journey with Weight Watchers, having lost four stone I went on to lecture with Weight Watchers for five years and won an award for having the largest number of attendees in my class in Ireland.

At this time, I qualified as a Fitness & Gym Instructor with Limerick University n.c.e.f. and i.t.e.c. and started teaching fitness classes in my local area.

As a wife and mother of three, it was challenging dividing my time between my studies, my Childrens education and running a busy household, but I did it.

Painting from the Heart by Marian Egan, Card Deck Course by Marian Egan, www.marianegan.ie, Nutrition Strategies in Ireland
Painting from the Heart by Marian Egan, Card Deck Course by Marian Egan, www.marianegan.ie, Nutrition Strategies in Ireland

It wasn’t easy, juggling everything and keeping a balance with work, rest and family life. I then started my qualification in Reflexology with the International Institute of Reflexologists and became a member. m.i.i.r.  Then my journey to Reiki Master came next, before I started down the many  years of Kinesiology trainings to qualifications. M.K.A.I. Which was years and years of learning new techniques. One of which was Educational Kinesiology, Brain Gym Instructor, Consultant  and I became a Trainer.

I trained with the founder of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, Richard Bandler and Hypnotist, Paul McKenna, and life coach, Michael Breen m.i.b.psy.

My training as an Emotion Code Practitioner course  was done with Dr. Bradley Nelson and this was where I started doing healing and clearing and healing sessions on-line, where before, the majority of my clients were local. c.e.c.p

During all of the above, I published my book “Love to Change? Then Change to Love” in 2012, this was my story of how Heart Art Magic, helped me with the physical, emotional and mental pain that I had experienced on my own life journey. As the founder of Heart Art Magic in 2010, I started facilitating workshops to allow my clients to come and paint in my practice to express what they were feeling and release the emotional and mental trauma that they were experiencing. I now do these classes online too.

When Covid struck, my clinic closed. Two of my family members had life threatening illnesses. My mom, at aged 95, got Covid and Pneumonia at the same time and she was also on oxygen 24/7. Her doctor told of how serious her situation was now. Then my daughter told me of her cancer diagnosis. I was so distraught and torn. My daughter, Jennie, wanted me to be her mom and not her therapist during this time. Every week that Jennie had Chemotherapy, I did my Heart Art Magic, Healing painting for her and for my mom and I sent the energy of the painting to both of them.

As I was painting these images, I got the inspiration to create a frequency number for each painting, which is a healing modality. I had been using frequency numbers in my practice for many years. Then I was inspired to bring these images and create a Card Deck which I did during Covid. I called this Healing Card Deck Wisdom, Insight & Foresight after a painting that I had completed for Jennie and for mom, which I called Wisdom, Insight & Foresight. This seemed crazy, but I always follow what I am inspired to do, so I did it.

Painting from the Heart by Marian Egan, Kinesiology Services by Marian Egan, www.marianegan.ie, Nutrition Strategies in Ireland

I started to use my Healing Card Deck on my clients, on zoom calls as travelling was still not allowed. My clients pain went away after we installed the frequency numbers on the cards that were chosen for the session. This was an incredible way of healing for physical pain, emotional stress and mental anxiety.

Through meditation and once again inspiration, I created a course on how to successfully use these cards to decrease pain, reduce and relieve anxiety and stress, and I was using my cards on myself every day to see how they worked. For me, they were the guidance and direction that came to me to create this course.

I had started to use my card deck and frequency numbers on myself on 31st March  2020. I recorded my first session on myself and recorded what was the first card, second card and so forth. I kept this journal going, and as I write this now, I am on journal number three and I continue to pull cards, almost daily, and I am well into the thousand figures now. I do this for my own personal use for my own health and wellbeing.

I was invited to Tenerife, Canary Islands, to present my card course and my card deck to the International Kinesiology College (IKC)- Personal Development School Conference. I presented my Cards, and my Card Course and did a demonstration on how they worked on a member of the audience. Her pain vanished after installing one frequency number and one card deck image called Two Faced or Strong Faced. My presentation in Tenerife was on 31st March 2023, exactly three years since I started my Card Deck Healing and journey on myself. My card deck course is now an accredited course with the IKC and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)points are issued when the course is complete. (6 hours done over two separate sessions)

Jennie and mom both recovered, and I am ever so grateful for their recovery. Mom has since passed just before her 97th birthday which was so sad, but she was so ready to leave as she was “existing and not living” (her own words) 

I had a dream about mom, six months after her passing, and in this dream, she gives me the most amazing hug, it was physically and spiritually fulfilling. I have made a video of this story which brought me to create my second deck of Healing Cards for Personal Growth, which is called “I Dreamed a Dream”. This is now available, and it also facilitates physical pain to disappear and vanish.

I feel so blessed to be the creator of such personal imagery which is now helping and going out into the world. What was designed for two people is now helping so much more. My card decks to date, are in sixteen countries worldwide and I teach worldwide, virtually.

My card decks are a Self-Healing tool, to be used for helping to relieve Physical Emotional and Mental pain and bring about some guidance and direction. Feeling uplifted knowing that there is something that you can do for yourself to feel better and to be better and enjoy your life to the max. It is simple, quick and easy to use for yourself.

Painting from the subconscious is 'spontaneous' painting that helps to connect us to our inner self.

Spontaneous painting allows us to work with the left and right brain together, by seeking to repair the connection between ‘feeling and expression’. In working spontaneously, we are connected to play – to a state of non-directed doing.

This can help our inner child to heal, gain strength, and recover trust through expressing our feelings. The importance is always the PROCESS and being connected to what we are doing and what we are feeling. It is not about the finished product. We are nourished and renewed by a state of connected ‘doing’.

“There is an intuitive intelligence within us that naturally draws us toward harmony and balance. Whilst painting, we can be drawn beyond the mind into deeper levels of FEELING and AWARENESS.

We can be drawn into the unknown within us, beyond thought – into a state of stillness, a state of alertness, which brings newness, and freshness, and is thus empowering.

“Creativity comes when we enter a state of THOUGHTLESS AWARENESS even if only briefly” Eckhardt Tolle

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